Why Lift Your Jeep?

Types of Jeep Lift Kits

While mostly every available type of lift kit addresses the same issue of giving you more ground clearance, some do this better than others, while some basic kits do not provide much change in clearance and only allow for larger tires. In addition, you should keep in mind that any major lift done to a Jeep vehicle will have an impact on the factory-issued suspension and steering. As long as the installation is performed by trained professionals, this will not cause problems in the end. When choosing to have your Wrangler, or Custom Jeep, lifted, there are many options for lift kits: 

  • Body Lift: The most inexpensive option of the bunch, a Body Lift Kit will succeed in lifting your Jeep 1-3 inches. Notably, this is achieved without having to insert new shocks. Unfortunately, this type of lift is basically a purely cosmetic choice. While it does allow you to add larger tires to your vehicle, it doesn’t actually give you any extra ground clearance. This is due to the fact that your lifting the vehicle without adding new shocks. So, while it may change the appearance of the Jeep, it will not allow for any additional, or beneficial, off-road capabilities.
  • Economy/Budget Boost: One step up from the Body Lift, Economy/Budget Boost kits also function mainly as cosmetic upgrades with some additional benefits. By inserting a thick polyurethane coil spacer on top of the springs of your Wrangler, you can bump the ride height between .75 and 2.5 inches. This allows for larger tires, generally up to 35 inches, but again offers little in the way of true off-road enhancements. You will see a boost to your Wrangler’s ability to travel on some lighter off-road tracks, but it should not be used for extreme off-roading. These kits tend to come along with shocks and extensions, which make them an overall better option than the Body Lift.
  • Coil Spring Lift Kit: If you’re looking for true off-road performance boosts, this is where it begins. Coil Spring kits will lift your Wrangler 1.5 to 3.5 inches. This is accomplished by replacing your stock springs with longer, stiffer coil springs. You’ll see more clearance for larger tires, but also a drastic improvement in vehicle articulation, or, how well your tires contact the road. Some of these kits may also come packaged with additional pieces like longer shocks and track bars. This ensures a snug fit for everything. But when you get your Custom Wrangler from Collierville CDJR, we’ll make sure it’s put together with precision.
  • Short Arm Lift Kit: Now we’re getting into the serious lift kits. These kits will drastically impact your vehicle’s suspension and center of gravity. So much so, that you may not want to do this to your daily driver, as it makes them difficult to drive on regular road surfaces. With a Short Arm Lift Kit, you can raise your Jeep up to 6 inches. This equals more ground clearance, wheel travel, larger wheels, and even more room for suspension travel. If you want to see noticeable off-road capability in your Wrangler, a Short Arm Kit is a good place to start. These kits will sometimes include other pieces, such as sway bar links and shocks.
  • Long Arm Lift Kit: The most demanding, and impressive, of the lift kits is the Long Arm Lift Kit. Allowing for an additional 6.5 inches of lift, this kit requires extensive work to install, along with the need to possibly weld in new mounts and/or exhaust modifications. While this kit is more expensive than the Short Arm Kit, it gives you even more ground clearance with the addition of a smoother driving experience. These kits are meant for those who are frequently off-roading around Oxford. If you’re serious about off-roading, this kit is for you.

Should I Lift My Jeep?

As stated above, if you’re not a frequent off-road adventurer, you might not need one of the more intensive lift kits. Opting for the lower end lift kit will give your Wrangler a meaner, more unique look to it, without impacting how your steering and suspension work. Just remember, if you’re considering lifting your daily driver, don’t go overboard. A serious Short or Long Arm Lift Kit may dramatically impact how well you can drive your vehicle on the paved streets of South Haven. If you’re curious about lifting your Jeep, or whether or not you should do it, contact us or visit our dealership to speak with one of our experts today!

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